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Once you have settled on your teacup, teapot and choice of tea-leaves, it's time to see what secrets await you in your cup.

Dragon Emerging
Here we see a baby dragon emerging. Its wide open eye and mouth bring the gifts of vision and expression to the cup. Gunpowder Green is the tea used in this reading. It is a very long unfurling leaf and gives broad brushstroke images. However, the effect is dramatic. Dragons are the keepers of the waters of life and bring new life and energy to any reading.
This dragon is just beginning to show its wings, and will take off soon. In front of the dragon is an ornate letter “H” so we know the dragon is bringing words beginning with that letter into being – maybe health, happiness, home, hope or even hard-work.
Horse Rising Up
In this picture a clear horse’s head is seen rising up the side of the cup. In tea leaf reading, those images that are elevated are the most important as they have travelled the furthest when swirling. Horses are always symbols of dignity and power. We speak of “horse power” in engines and the horse brings the power to move beyond where we are presently.
This horse is looking inwards into the cup, and its nose is slightly raised off the cup’s surface. It is as if the horse is sniffing the wind and is about to take off.
Bull Meets Warthog
Sometimes there is so much detail in a cup you may not know where to start. Look to see any group of pictures that seem to tell a story. On the left of the handle a few animal images may be seen – a warthog faces a bull with a large mouse above. A stand off between the animals idicates a conflict that will rouse the emotions. It could be a Taurus (bull) is involved. 2008 is the year of the rat in Chinese astrology, so we can read this as something is coming to a head during the year.
Spiritual Devotion and Awakening
Sometimes in a cup we see something very spiritual, like the flowing shape of the woman and the reverent way she is bowing before the snake. Snakes are very powerful symbols, connected to the life force within us all. The snake can shed its skin, but not die, thus represents our ability to transform. Beneath the woman is a large bell and the story that came to me is that of an awakening (bell) of the woman (the feminine or soul).
She is filled with wonder and bows before the transformative power of life. Such a picture portends a huge, healing change in this person’s life. Something wakes one up, and the response is spiritual wonder.

Other meanings of snakes in the cup: Snakes are close to the earth and have acute hearing. You may have to listen hard when a snake appears, or if it is coiled up, it represents unleashed power.
Scissors or Shears
Sometimes a cup reveals a clear image of an object. In this cup it is a pair of scissors or shears that takes centre stage. It is unclear what is being cut, but there is certainly something in the blades. Symbolically this means a cutting off of something – it can be a relationship or perhaps around work. Usually the rest of the cup will show what needs to be cut.
Animals usually represent people, chairs often represent work, hearts are the love area. In gardening, the pruning or cutting back of plants causes them to thrive in the new season, so I often apply these thoughts to such a cup.
Woman/Goddess of Creation
Sometimes we are blessed by seeing a large picture in a cup. A woman sits back in a field, made up by the greenery of the cup. Her wild hair flows freely back and from her lap arise many birds and animals. She holds an infant child on her knee. It is almost an image of the Goddess of all creation giving birth to all the forms. On a more human level, such a picture shows a time of abundant creativity ahead.
Look a moment at the head of the figure, and the myriad of ideas that are coming from it. It could predict a baby as well, or a “baby” project, such as a new career, new home, new something that will grow in a fertile way.