Personal Tea Leaf Reading with Lindel on Skype

Or you can book a reading with any of the other readers on Skype. Just follow the instructions below and book by email.

You will enjoy a tea leaf reading with Lindel no matter where you live. Lindel rarely travels any more, so this is a way she can reach out to you.

Carefully follow the instructions on how to make the tea and take a photo of your cup and send it to Lindel on


First watch the video where Lindel shows how to make a cup of tea on the Home Page.

Using a cup with a white or cream interior, make your cup of tea. Make sure you have about one teaspoon of tea leaves in the cup.

Drink and enjoy your tea with or without milk or sugar, exactly how you like it.

Tip out the excess tea as demonstrated and then very gently rotate it so the tea leaves can make the pictures form . Really take your time to do this as slow and steady is best. If you turn too quickly the leaves won’t adhere to the sides of the cup.

Photograph the cup with the handle facing you. See example below.

Send this to Lindel at and arrange a time for your Skype session. Please then fill out the booking form.

She will need the photo and payment at least 2 hours before you have your Skype session.

You will need to allow 40-45 minutes to have the reading.

Date As Arranged
Time You arrange to suit you
Venue Skype Meeting
Cost $120 for 45 minutes
Bring Tablet/Laptop/Smartphone with Camera
Tea cup picture, sent to Lindel and your cup to discuss with her on Skype. Keep it moist by putting plastic wrap over the cup.
Make an Enquiry
Book a Reading