Lindel Barker-Revell

Lindel’s ability to read the tea leaves is well known.

Since 1989 Lindel has appeared on TV and radio, both in Australia and the UK.

Recently Lindel has been appearing on TV and speaking about the joys and wonders of tea leaf reading.

Lindel is a wise woman of the stars as well as tea, having studied and practiced astrology for over 30 years. If you want to know more about your future, she is available for limited in depth, personal astrology readings.

Lindel can enhance your party or event with a teaching session about tea leaf reading so that everyone can become involved. She has a wide experience in teaching and the psychic, mystical and mythical areas.

Lindel has a Masters (M.Ap.Sci) specialising in communication.

Lindel has passed on her long experience with tea leaf reading and symbols to the other talented and psychic people who make up her team.

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Verena is an experienced clairvoyant, proficient in Tarot and Numerology as well as tea leaf reading.

She has studied Metaphysics, Reiki and healing.

One of the foundation Tea Leaf readers, Verena is a wonderfully clear psychic adviser.

Verena speaks Swiss and German as well as English.

She lives on the lower North Shore in Sydney.


Rowshan is a very wise Persian woman who also reads the coffee grounds. Rowshan was psychic, even as a very young child, when she had prophetic dreams that came true. Calm and reassuring, Rowshan can help you through the good times and the bad.  Rowshan uses the cup, special cards and can also read your palm.

Rowshan lives in the North Shore area of Sydney.


A Reiki Master of healing, Inga’s clairvoyance is a blend of her many skills. She weaves between story telling, palmistry, aura reading and in-depth gypsy card reading.

Inga’s uncanny ability to see into the tea cup is enhanced by her other psychic gifts. Inga is a dramatic and inspiring reader.

Inga is also available for psychic counseling.

She speaks Russian, German, some Japanese and Italian as well as English.

Inga lives in the Darlinghurst area of Sydney.

Kerry Anne

Kerry Anne is a wise woman who uses her background as an Educator to good effect in her sessions involving Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), EFT and Life Coaching.

Kerry Anne’s clairvoyance is imbued with her wisdom and compassion. As well as Tea Leaf Reading, she also reads Tarot and other cards, is a healer and practises Dowsing, and Chakra Balancing.

Kerry Anne lives in North West Sydney.


Having had her natural ability developed by Lindel, Suzi approaches her readings in a very special way.  She brings a sensitivity to the cup which is insightful and spiritual. She has a deep knowledge and respect for tea and how it is served.  Suzi was one of the very first in Australia to acquire her tea master certification and go on to qualify as a tea blender.  Her passion for all things tea has seen her run her own tea-house, speak and write on the subject, create bespoke tea blends and read tea leaves at corporate and special events.


Debbie received her love of tea leaf reading from her grandmother Alice at the age of four. Learning from Lindel, Debbie has developed her tea leaf reading to an excellent standard.
Debbie also works as a qualified educator in leadership and coaching which allows her to bring the practical elements into a reading.
Debbie will make the cup live for you and is available for readings on the NSW Central Coast.


Cat has been psychic for as long as she can remember. Her great-aunt was a well-known tea leaf reader in Sydney, so tea leaf reading is in her DNA! Cat is a natural medium and has strong insights into the cup. A true tea lover, Cat has a very full tea cupboard! Cat is a young mother with experience in massage for young and old.


My name is Helen and I have been able to see & communicate with spirit from a very young age. Since my brother’s passing in 2005 my skills and gifts have developed and am now psychic/medium. I am also a Angelic Reiki Master & teacher.

Having a grandmother who read tea leaves I was always interested in learning the art of tea leaf reading. I met Lindel last year and learnt how to read tea leaves which came quite naturally,  so I am now a tea leaf reader.  I  live in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney and am available for readings and parties Sydney wide.