Looking into the past in the future…

It is amazing to see people from the past, appearing in modern cups.  I saw a woman on the right, dressed in the style of yesteryear. Her hair seems to be in an old fashioned, rather elaborate style. She has a clear nose and her arm and hand is outstretched.  In front of her is a table top, or basket with many smaller figures.

Simple Lessons

I'm going to use this spot as a blog for a while. I want to start from scratch with a few simple lessons for tea leaf reading for you.

Suzi has joined our group of wise women of tea

I am delighted that Suzi has joined our group of wise women of tea. You can read about her in the Readers section.


Sandra, who makes the fantastic tiny tea sets, lives in Sydney. Sorry, i misread her email. Anyway good luck in the exhibition Sandra, they are lovely.