Lindel Barker-Revell.

Writer, Tea Leaf Reader, Games Inventor, Astrologer and Tarot Authority

Lindel Barker-Revell is a writer and games inventor, astrologer and tarot authority. Lindel has worked as a practicing astrologer for 40 years and lives in Sydney.

Lindel was first taught the art of reading tea leaves 36 years ago by an elderly lady, who had learned these skills from her grandmother. Now Lindel shares the intricacies of this forgotten art in the hope that it will warm the lives of many for generations to come.

Since 1989 Lindel has appeared on TV and radio, both in Australia and the UK. She has a wide experience in the psychic, mystical and mythical areas. Lindel has a Masters (M.Ap.Sci) specialising in communication. A background in education allows her to simplify difficult concepts and make things easy to understand and follow.

She believes in a fun way to approach the development of our psychic abilities. Reading tea leaves is a very easy way to open our inner eye – once learnt, seeing pictures is simple. Learning to understand symbols takes longer, but is a fascinating journey.

“My extraordinary journey with the tea-leaves began thirty-five years ago when a wise woman taught me how to read the cup. As I came to see the pictures that appeared in the leaves, and to understand the symbols, I began to realise just how much these tiny leaves can reveal. I hope you will enjoy your journey as much as I have and that you too may be inspired to pass this delightful art on to friends and family.”


Lindel is an astrologer with 40 years experience. Your natal chart can explain so much about your life, your destiny and your challenges. It can predict future events and describe the influences that are around you at the moment. An in depth analysis of your chart requires the astrologer to spend hours considering the many aspects of your birth chart or horoscope.

You will need to find out your exact birth time (as close as possible), your birthdate and the town and country in which you were born. Contact us if you would like a private chart. Cost $200 for 2 hour consultation with a printed chart.

New and Special! Daimon Chart

Lindel has developed a new way of looking at your chart to find your true life purpose and your spiritual pathway. This is based on ancient knowledge of more than 400 years BCE. It is best that you have your normal chart done first before this.  Talk to Lindel if you are interested.  0430 384 851

Lindel Barker-Revell
Writer, Tea Leaf Reader, astrologer, clairvoyant

For a private reading email Lindel on or phone on 0430 384 851

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