It is amazing to see people from the past, appearing in modern cups.  I saw a woman on the right, dressed in the style of yesteryear. Her hair seems to be in an old fashioned, rather elaborate style. She has a clear nose and her arm and hand is outstretched.  In front of her is a table top, or basket with many smaller figures.

I felt this was someone from the past having an influence on present conditions. It is as if she is reaching into the modern world. I saw the arm of a baby with a rattle and at least two other figures on the tabletop. One of the figures has a rather old fashioned hat on.

My feeling was that the person whose cup it was, may look like a female relative who is particularly looking on at the moment. I felt perhaps that relative had lost a child or a baby and was very interested in my client’s children and I predicted 3 children and a new baby being presented.  This fitted in with her family situation. I felt the figure was positive and helpful, blessing the family in any way she could.