Hi Tea Leaf Lovers,

I’m going to use this spot as a blog for a while. I want to start from scratch with a few simple lessons for tea leaf reading for you.

You need some loose leaf tea. It doesn’t really matter what tea you start with. I began with normal leaf tea from the supermarket, as that was what I knew and liked in those days…more than thirty years ago. Nowadays there is a lot more choice for the new tea leaf reader. Specialty tea shops are around in most cities and the web is full of sites where you can buy good quality tea.  It is always nice to see, smell and hopefully, taste the tea first. More of that later.

I think it is important to “enjoy” the cup of tea before you read the cup. When I learned to read from dear Nina, a lady twice my age, we always used to enjoy a cup of tea together before reading the cup. It is a way of relaxing and both enjoying the restful, yet alert, qualities of tea.

You need a nice rounded cup and saucer to read the leaves. I have said before, but it is good to remind ourselves, that the tea needs a smooth surface for you to swirl the leaves. It needs to be able to travel up the sides of the cup unimpeded by joins or corners such as you find in a coffee cup and some classic tea cups.

Make sure you have about a teaspoonful of wet tea leaves from your pot in your cup.

Drink almost to the bottom of the cup so that the leaves are just covered by the liquid.

Hold the cup in 2 hands with the handle facing your heart and slowly rotate in a spiralling fashion so that the leaves can travel up the cup to make pictures. It doesn’t matter which way you turn the cup.

Gently turn the liquid out of the cup, very slowly, so you don;t lose any leaves and turn the cup upside down on the saucer.

Turn your cup anti-clockwise three times, slowly.

Tap three times on the top of the cup.

Now it is time to look into the cup to see what pictures you have!  Let your eyes go soft and just say the first thing that pops into your mind. Let your intuition loose!

You can watch the youtube video on my website  www.tea-wise.com.au to see a demonstration of how to get the leaf pictures into your cup. There is also information on my website as well. You can always see it in my book, Time for Tea