Tea Leaf Reading – bringing an ancient art to the modern world.

Remember! You need loose leaf tea to make the pictures in the cup!

Grab your teapot, warm it with water as the water first comes to the boil.

Tip out the hot water and place in the teapot, “one heaped teaspoon of tea for each person and one for the pot” as my old Dad used to say.

Turn the kettle on and catch it as it just begins to boil. Fill up your pot well to allow the leaves plenty of room to “dance” and relax, so they will be ready for reading.

Women of all ages have practised the gentle art of tea-leaf reading for centuries. These days men and women find tea-leaf reading fascinating, no matter if you want to learn to read tea-leaves yourself at one of my upcoming workshops or if you want to create a memorable event for your next special occasion!

Time for Tea: The Gentle Art of Reading Tea-Leaves
by Lindel Barker-Revell
published by Allen & Unwin, Inspired Living, 2007

Discover the pure joy of reading tea-leaves, and which cups, teapots and teas to use. Learn how to create the perfect afternoon tea to celebrate your new talents with those you love. find out more >>>